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Hey there! Welcome to Make Recruitment Easier!

Hi, welcome to our blog!  We are Agnieszka and Maciej,  agency recruiters with over 20 years of professional experience. 

 We specialise in recruitment for the IT industry.

We dedicate this blog to recruiters - both external (agency) and internal. On this blog, we would like to share our opinions and experiences in the work of a recruiter.

We do not focus solely on IT recruitment, however, as this is the industry we know best, we do provide a number of examples on IT recruitment and a series of posts specifically focused on IT recruitment.

The idea behind the blog is to help recruiters in their work (especially the less experienced ones), as well as to help participants in the recruitment process understand each other better: external recruiters, internal recruiters, HR and hiring managers.

On the blog you will find several categories:

News - interesting, current information concerning recruitment

Recruitment - practical advice and our insights into the recruitment process, candidate experience, candidate offering etc.

Sourcing - tips and market observations on finding candidates and first contact with them

IT Recruitment - advice and market insights on specifically IT recruitment

Culture - posts about company culture from a recruiter's perspective

Recruitment Agencies - observations and best practices on how to run a recruitment agency

Job Market - our insights on trends in the job market

We hope you find our content interesting and stay with us!  If yes,  subscribe to our newsletter and follow MRE on social media.

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